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Indulgences Jewelry Parties
Indulgences Jewelry Parties
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Long NECKLACES how to wear.
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The jewelry is fabulous, UNIQUE and ONE of a KIND.
Featuring styles with semi-precious gemstones and Swarovski crystals, you can find the latest styles in fashion and at a great prices.

At Home Jewelry Party.

You as the Hostess receive an exclusive designed Swarovski Crystal Bracelet
 [handwoven and a $95 value] and additional incentives.
Postcard invitations are supplied for you to mail or hand out to your guests.
If your guests brings an additional guest - your guest receives a 10% discount on purchases.
All the jewelry are my original designs and creations.[not manufactured]
Every piece of jewelry is "One of a Kind", Unusual and Unique!
There are a few designs in the collection that can be a 'special order' for color, size and fit.
Call or Email to schedule your 'Indulgences Jewelry' Party today!
Phone:   920-889-7247   

Hostess Incentives
Total Party Sales Hostess Earns Towards Jewelry 
 Up to $300 Free Swarovski Bracelet & 20% discount
 $301 to $600 $20 towards & 20% discount
 $601 to $900 $40 towards & 20% discount
 $901 & more $60 towards & 20% discount
 **New party bookings" Additional $20 per new party booking.
 Past Hostess receives a 15% discount at parties booked

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